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Bed-ridden Patients

Bed-ridden Patient is dependent on others for health care and daily life assistance due to illnesses or injuries from accident

Patients with dependency conditions were divided into 4 groups as follows:

Group 1: those that can still assist themselves and has no other complications. For example, post-knee surgery or hip surgery patients  must receive continuous care for no more than 6 weeks after being discharged from the hospital​


Group 2 : Patients with  disease progression and has limited ability to help themselves, requiring caregiver to assist them with daily activities, such as stroke patients who must receive continuous care for 3-6 months after being discharged from the hospital.​


Group 3:  Bedridden patients with chronic diseases or elderly people with disabilities in brain functions, must have a caregiver to help with daily activities and a long-term continuous care is required.​


Group 4: Patients requiring palliative care are those who suffer from an incurable disease. end-of-life patients where long-term continuous care is required. 

The Sense Living

The Sense Living is a comprehensive care facility for the older adults and bed-ridden patients. Our team of expert geriatricians, nurses, therapists and certified caregivers redefine the role of caregiving through their commitment to a culture of engaged care, which increases independence and quality of life of older adults. We are a certified elderly-care facility by the Department of Health Service Support.

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