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5 Activities for the Elderly's Happiness

As we enter aging society, self caring becomes extremely important. Organizing activities can help promote physical and mental health for the elderly.

Five activities for the elderly's happniess:

(1) Tourism activities: Taking the elderly on a trip near their homes does not take much time. Long distance travels that are eye-opening allows them to find new discoveries, reduce boredom and create relaxation for their mind.

(2) Physical activity: Exercises for the elderly can help with movements and maintain their physical functions, allows them to have good health and sustain long life. Exercises stimulate the body to release endorphins which is a source of happiness.

(3) Hobbies: Having hobbies help the elderly build self-esteem and give them the opportunities to do things they enjoy such as gardening, cooking, singing, dancing, or handicrafts, etc.

(4) Social activities: attending social activities make the elderly have better mental health, reduce risk of depressions. Most of the social activities that the elderly are interested in are going to temples, making merit, listening to dharma, or meeting with friends.

(5) Meditations: This is one of the activities the elderly enjoy practicing regularly. It aims for practitioners to be able to concentrate their body, speech and mind and observe the 5 precepts or the 8 precepts.

At The Sense Living, we blend home-like comforts with the promise of authentic care. This is a senior hospitality place with our goal is to ensure your quality of life is healthy, comfortable and mostly importantly, safe.

We welcome independent older adults, post-operative patients and bed-ridden patients who require mobility assistance, bed bathing, wounds dressing, tube feeding, sputum suction and use of urinary catheter.

Tel: 0822632665

Line: @thesenseliving

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