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Tilt Tables for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Tilt table in physiotherapy in cerebrovascular accident and spinal cord injury

Tilt table or standing bed as a physical therapy device features a bed with straps for added stability and can adjust the inclination angle of the bed from 0 to 90 degrees. It is commonly used in physical therapy treatment and rehabilitation in people with various conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, bed ridden patients etc.

Tilt Tables for Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Hemiparesis patients are often found to have difficulty standing and walking in the early stages, as as a result the recovery process is mainly in the lying or sitting position and often unable to do it in a standing position. Using tile tables will allow patients to practice standing faster and more safely which helps increase leg muscle strength. Use of tilt table help with the following:

- Practice standing

- Facilitate weight bearing

- Increasing leg strength

- Reduce spasms, spasms of weak legs

- Stretching the calf and foot muscles

- Stimulate joint perception

Patients with spinal cord injuries often have leg muscle weakness associated with various complications. The use of tilt table in this group of patients therefore plays an important role in rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of many complications, including:

- Balancing aid

- Improve lower limb strength

- Slow down the decrease in bone mass

- Prevents muscle contractures

- Reduce leg muscle spasms


1. Do not use in people with untreated fractures of the spine and suspension

2. Do not use in people with untreated venous thrombosis

3. Caution in people with hypotension

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