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What is Electrostimulation?


It is a physiotherapeutic tool used in the treatment of both musculoskeletal and neuro patients by using different forms of electrical current to stimulate through the muscles and nerves to provide therapeutic effect according to the patient's condition. They can be divided into 6 groups:

1. To relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms

Nerve impulses can interfere with the way nerves carry pain. Therefore can reduce pain and muscle contraction in both acute inflammation phase and chronic

to reduce swelling increase blood flow and accelerate wound healing

2. Helps increase water reabsorption and proteins outside the circulatory system to reduce swelling in the acute inflammatory phase and to slow down muscle atrophy

3. It can be used to stimulate muscles that lack nerves to bring about contraction to slow down muscle atrophy and to prevent the chance of complications

4. Use for pushing certain drugs into tissues.

Electricity can be used to drive charged drugs, for example, to push certain analgesic molecules into the skin to reduce pain to increase the analgesic effect in conjunction with electrical stimulation guiding movement

5. Use for stimulating muscles to work.

To train the muscles in the desired part, to train muscle control in patients with paralysis or muscle weakness during the rehabilitation period.

6. To increase muscle strength

Electric current can induce full contraction of muscles, increasing muscle strength.

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