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Post Operative Patients

Post Operative care is a very important step, whether it is a hip replacement surgery, a knee joints surgery, the first 1-3 months is the time when the body is remembering and learning with equipment or foreign objects that enter the body. It is best to the patients' body get used to and use all the functions as if it were a normal part of the body. “Physical Therapy” is to restore health through exercise and procedures, and the use of special equipment to bring the patient back in motion, and lead a normal life as close to pre-operations as possible

Rehabilitation planning by a team of doctors, nurses and physical therapists

  • Doctors and nurses assess the nature of the surgery from the doctor who performed the surgery and plan for wound care to prevent infection

  • Doctors and nurses assess pain and plan care process on movements and positions with physical therapist to avoid any complications

  • Physical therapist come up with rehabilitation plan in the initial stage In the case that the doctor has not yet allowed the patients to walk

  • Physical therapist come up with rehabilitation plan In the case where patients is able to put weight on both legs and start assessing the walking posture that is correct and stable.

  • After recovery, patients can walk again. A physical therapist will make a self-care plan when returning to home

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