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Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Stroke, whether it is ischemic stroke or a cerebral hemorrhage, must be cared for by the rehabilitation experts because each rehabilitation of stroke patients has different methods from general treatments. It requires a physiotherapist specializing in neurology along with modern medical equipment and proper nutrition care  in rehabilitating the patient to return to normal self-reliant and far from paralysis as  much as possible


For the best rehabilitation result, the patient should start the treatment as soon as possible. In particular, the recovery period in the first 3 months after the onset of symptoms will be most effective and is medically considered a golden opportunity for recovery. The rehabilitation of stroke patients must be holistic by assessing patients and their families to find cause of the problems based on physical and mental deficiencies loss to set goals and set a proper recovery approach in order for the patients to return to their families, society and have a good quality of life.

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